My name is Nate Stockard, and I am a young, business owner in Houston, TX. I was raised a democrat in Memphis, TN, but as i have become more educated, I have become a republican. I am not an insanely-far-right republican by any means. I am more of a traditionalist who looks at every issue individually.

I am still learning more and more each day, and this blog is my way of educating and being educated through responses, comments, questions, concerns, condemnations, and whatever else comes from this little blog.

I believe in most things that the Republican Party stands for, but I feel you have to take a personal stand on everything. I also think that we need a REAL change in politics. I have bashed Bush, but I have also praised him. I have bashed Republicans when they have made bone-head moves, but I have really bashed Democrats for, well, being Democrats and never really stating their position.

I am nto afraid of pointing out something that I think is wrong, regardless of who said it. If it was a Republican, I will challenge them on it. I think you see similar characteristics in Mike Hickabee. Huckabee should be running for president, but his lack of experience killed him. He will be ready for the next election, but my point is, he is sincere, honest, and a real change from the old politics.

By saying I want a change in politics, many people say I should be pushing for candidates like Obama, but Obama is just talking and blowing smoke. The only thing he is going to change is his stance according to who he is talking to. This is not the change I want to see.


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  • 1. asimpletestimony  |  October 8, 2008 at 11:18 am

    I apprieciate the blog. I know little of the stances of either party. Your blog gives me familiarity of the strengths and weaknesses of both sides.

    Is there an unbiased web source where can i go to look at the stances on particular issues of each candidate?


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