Bush’s bailout plan is costing us again!

September 24, 2008 at 8:49 pm 1 comment

President Bush just addressed the nation about his adminstration’s bailout plan. I am pissed! Why do I have to pay for some fat-cat executive to earn millions (in some cases 100’s of millions) in bonuses and then crawl to Washington and beg for the TAXPAYERS to pay for their F*ck ups?

I understand Bush’s point about the delicate nature of our economic situation, but do we really need to pay for it? Why is the FBI investigating Freddie and Fannie execs? Everyone knows they did things wrong, if not legally, morally, so why should the American public pay for it?

I own a small business. If I have a bad month, can I cry to the government and ask for them to bail me out? If I tell the mortgage company to get my payment from the government they will laugh. First, because they may be the ones being bailed out, and two, nobody cares about the little guy! Senators don’t have stock in my company, so who am I?

This bailout is going to cost us twice. First, we have to suffer through a housing crisis because of stupid mistakes made, but the market is recovering. People are buying houses again. Banks and credit unions are able to loosen up a little bit, and the American public is having to fix their own mistakes. But now, we have to pay for this huge $700 Billion debt that Bush is putting us in! Just as I think he might be a good guy, he screws up again! Thanks F*cker!

I feel like I am in a bad Democrat dream. The American public didn’t pay attention to how much their house payments were going to be along with the $100,000 worth of credit card debit they had to pay each month, so now the government is creating programs to bail these “stupid” people out. I worked for a mortgage company for a very short time (because of the stupid loans we got approved, I couldn’t do it), so I know how the process works. When you tell someone how much their payment will be, they should know if they can pay for it! Instead of letting them pay for their mistakes, the government bails them out!

Also, the government is pulling a Democrat move and bailing out these stupid banks. I think Lehman Brothers should be pissed off right now, since they couldn’t get help, but since AIG probably has quite a few political investors in their pocket, they get the money! What is that all about?

Mick Huckabee suggested removing capital gains taxes and all taxes on savings and dividends. Basically, Huckabee is pushing for the Fair Tax, and I firmly believe he is right. This would be the solution to our problems not a rediculous bailout!

Let me make this one clear, also. Republicans need to get their balls out of their stomach and start acting like Republicans. You are starting to look like Democrats! You might as well vote for Obama you stupid, waste of spaces!


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  • 1. Jeff Rodgers  |  September 25, 2008 at 11:34 am

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Nate. Why should the citizens have to pay the price to bail these guys out? Its hard enough to
    make ends meet nowadays with the general cost of living going up at any given moment. It will end up costing the citizens/taxpayers up to 2300 dollars apiece, and maybe more, to fund this bailout. This total was figured using the current estimated US population of 305,253,000 people. They typical family of 4 will wind up paying in close to 10 grand. In the grand scheme of things, 10 grand is close to half of what the average middle-class family pays for housing costs annually. Do they even think that added economic burden on the taxpayers will fix the situation? It may benefit the execs in the industry, but that is about it.

    Actually, it is kind of ironic that the cost of the Iraq war, up until this date, is close to 700 billion dollars.


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