Did you see who attended the national conventions?

September 5, 2008 at 11:26 pm 4 comments

I have discovered something, and I’m not sure why the media hasn’t picked up on this. When you watched the Democratic National Convention, did you see all of the celebrities that were there? So and so was here, so and so was there. The other night Michelle Obama had a fund raising dinner for celebrities. I heard they raised about a million dollars at that dinner. Congratulations!

Now this week at the Republican National Convention, celebrities were not everywhere. No one made mention of Ben Affleck listening to John McCain. BUT… You know who was there? Our nations veterans. The real heroes of our country were in attendance, and there were quite a few. This strikes me as odd. The people that have defended our freedoms and the freedoms of the world support the Republicans. The people who make their money (and vasts amount of it) pretending to be other people and doing nothing really important were at the Democratic National Convention… Actually, if you think about it… they kind of sound like the Democrat politicians. Chew on that!


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  • 1. Angie  |  September 6, 2008 at 10:13 am

    I agree the veterans are the real heroes of this country.
    When i saw the heading for your post, I said “this person must have pointed what thousands of others did between the dnc and the rnc, but you didn’t. The republicans talk about trying to be more diversed but when i looked in the crowd all I saw where white people. In total there were 26 african americans at the RNC. The celebrities have just as much right as I us to vote for who they want, and let’s be real if you had the $$$ they did you would be out there doing your thing for who you support.
    Let’s talk about the real issues not all veterans in this country are white! They are african american, latino, mexican, asian; etc. So be real when you talk about what was missing at the RNC!

  • 2. averagepolitics  |  September 6, 2008 at 11:38 am


    I appreciate your comment. In fact I welcome more comments like yours so we have something to discuss.

    First of all, there were more than 26. The number you are trying to quote is the 36 delegates that were seated on the floor. There were quite a few more black folks in the crowd.

    I am unsure why you are attacking the veterans in attendance. I never said they were all white. In fact, as I watched the RNC, there were several black veterans.

    This also brings us to another point: race. Obama has said since the beginning that this election would not be about race, but most of the African-American population is behind Obama because he is black.

    What does he want to accomplish? Why do you support him. Obama can’t tell anyone what he stands for, and if he does, he changes his mind according to who he is talking to.

    I think everyone is entitled to support who they want, but I want people to be educated about their decision and be able to back it up with facts, not demographic characteristics!

  • 3. Angie  |  September 6, 2008 at 7:52 pm

    i watch the news constantly and FOX news reported 26 (i should have known better to believe FOX) but even some of the shots I saw there were nothing but whites in attendance.
    I am in no way attacking veterans my father is a vet and my b est friends father and many others that I know and am close to. So i apologize if you took it that way.

    I am not voting for Obama because of his skin color, I am voting for him because I honestly think him and Biden can make the change that they say they can. And because I believe he will cut taxes, make healthcare affordable which is especially important. My mother is 72 (Thank God she is in good health) but if she wasn’t she’d be in a bad situation because right now she along with millions of others would not be able to afford healthcare. In my opinion McCain has not shown me much, he shares the same views as Bush and I honestly feel that even though he is promising to make all these changes he is not he has his own agenda.
    I’ve sat and watched him be attacked because of his lack of experience but Sarah Palin dosen’t have that much more. Biden has much more experience than her. And another thing I watched the RNC just to see what the Repubs had to say, instead of theming talking about what they plan to do if elected they decided to focus on bad mouthing Obama. Thats why I am voting for Obama/Biden. I was a full fledged Hillary supporter but unfortunately she didn’t make it.

  • 4. averagepolitics  |  September 6, 2008 at 10:00 pm

    The Republican Party does have an issue with diversity. They have to find a way to educate people, because other races typically follow Democrats. This is primarily because the Democrats talk about how they are going to help the working people and so on, BUT…

    Just as Hillary has a universal healthcare plan, Obama proposes affordable healthcare. That is a really nice concept. Do you have a job? If so, do you pay FICA taxes? Do you realize that an affordable healthcare system will be paid by the ENTIRE American workforce? They will not deduct money just from the “rich” people of America. All of our checks will shrink a little more so Americans who don’t work or don’t have jobs that provide good benefits can have health care.

    This concept is my biggest issue with Obama and Democrats as a whole. Why should I pay for someone else? I work, shouldn’t they work also? I am against a universal healthcare system, welfare, and a good number of other programs brought to us by the Democrats that support people that won’t do for themselves.

    Now as far as the taxes. I know Obama’s plan to tax the rich sounds great, since you probably don’t make over $250,000 a year (and if you do, I apologize, but he plans on raising taxes on this level of income, so I doubt you would support him). I am not in that income bracket either, so it sounds nice, but do you know how the Democrats in the early 20th century passed an income tax? They told everyone that it would only be a tax on the rich. Once again, do you pay FICA taxes? Do you have to send the IRS money? Another issue I have with the Democrats does date back to the amendment to allow an income tax, since it was unconstitutional to impose an income tax before they worked that one over on the working people of America.

    Something the working people don’t understand: the rich will find a way to protect their money. They pay the lobbyists, they work the tax shelters, etc. The American public doesn’t dig deeper into the empty promises dished out by the Democrats.

    Okay, Palin’s lack of experience. First of all, we can’t compare her to Obama. He is the PRESIDENTIAL candidate, not the VP candidate. Now I agree, Biden has more experience than Palin, but Palin doesn’t seem to be the same old politician, like Biden, and as a supporter for change, I would think that would be of interest to Obama supporters.

    McCain has shown a lot. He will go against the Republican Party if necessary to actually help this country. There is not a Democrat alive that would do that…

    As far as the RNC or DNC, I didn’t watch a whole lot of either because they are nothing but pep rallies. They say what their crowd present wants to hear. If you want to really know where they stand, watch the debates. Then the same old rhetoric of change for the sake of change from the Democrats will be shot down with actual agendas.


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