Rep. James Fagan threatens victimized children everywhere!

June 25, 2008 at 3:53 pm 1 comment

If you have not heard about the threats coming from Rep. James Fagan, a Democrat (you could have guessed that) from Massachusetts, click here to watch the video: MyFoxBoston video.

This is extremely outrageous and cold, but it is not a surprise. Secular-Progessives everywhere are rejoicing his comments. I had to send him an email, and the email is listed below. Please read, especially my example case from Vermont, so you can understand why Jessica’s Law is a good idea.

Dear Mr. James Fagan,

I recently read a story about your comments regarding Jessica’s Law and sex offenders. I’m sure you have received many emails about this, and you won’t even give me the courtesy of a form email in response to mine, but I thought I would express my disbelief and concern for your statements.

At first, I found it hard to believe that anyone could make threats on children as you did. I understand that you must cross-examine a witness, especially if that witness is saying things that may put your client in jail for a mandatory 10-20 years, but you specifically threatened any child that you cross-examine in a sex offender case. I didn’t believe it until I saw the videos, and there you were, “I’m going to make sure that the rest of their life is ruined. That when they’re 8 years old they throw up; when they’re 12 years old, they won’t sleep. When they’re 19 years old they’ll have nightmares and they’ll never have a relationship with anybody.”

WOW!!!! Are you serious??? You want to make an 8-year old throw up?

I completely believe that it is your ultimate responsibility to defend your client to the best of your ability, but aren’t you supposed to do that in all of your cases? Why don’t you threaten the middle-aged men that you cross-examine? You make it sound like you will be extra harder on children.

You know why our politicians are trying to pass such a law as Jessica’s Law? Did you ever heard about the case in Vermont in 2004-2005 when Mark Hulett confessed to raping young girl for 4 years? The wonderful, honorable, and secular-progressive Judge Edward Cashman decided that Mark only needed 60 days in jail and then send Mark to rehabilitation, outside of prison. Is this not ridiculous? Later, after he supposedly learned that the state would treat Hulett in prison, he sentenced him to 3-10 years, and Hulett will probably get our in about 3 years (which will be fairly soon). You do realize he will spend less time in jail than the length of time he was raping the little girl???


There are lenient, ignorant judges that would sentence someone to 60 days who has no problem stealing the innocence from a child. If our children can’t be innocent and free from such outrageous crimes, what do they have to look for? I understand you have kids? What would you tell your child when they were raped and the person that did it will go to jail for 60 days and go to rehab? Why don’t you tell them that you would make them puke at 8 years old and never have a relationship? Then you would not get to attend a wedding for your child, your child would be emotionally scarred, and possible commit suicide. Tell your child that and see what happens!

I know you are a democrat, and I’m sure you are a secular-progressive liberal also. There is no other explanation for your actions. I believe in our Constitution, our Judicial system, and everything involved, including innocent until proven guilty. I would want you to defend your clients properly, but if I lived in your state, and you tortured my child like you say you would, we would have some problems. Why can’t you stand for worthless sex offenders going to jail for the maximum allowed sentence? Why do you have to opt for the lenient side of crime??? Good job, James!

Let Mr. James Fagan know how you feel. Email:Rep.JamesFagan@Hou.State.MA.US and if you want to call him, which you should, here is his number: 617-722-2040.

Good Job, James! Free the sex offenders so they can ruin another child’s life. Oh, wait, you are going to do that for us!!!


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  • 1. Markiesnana  |  June 30, 2008 at 8:57 pm

    Thank you for your valuable and TRUE comments.
    I also just sent off an email to Rep. Fagan and I closed it with suggesting he call it a day, and not “represent” our citizens any longer.
    Jessica Lunsford’s dad is currently in Massachusetts making his plea to lawmakers. His precious daughter was raped and buried alive. He asks that if the people such as Rep. Fagan are only going to support a “watered down” version of Jessica’s Law….that they refrain from disrespecting his daughter, by putting her name on it.
    What a sickening travesty!
    Thank you for posting Rep. Fagan’s email address. I hope he is inundated with replies.
    Please note that he was also against Melanie’s Law.
    Jan Laliberte
    Taunton, MA


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