How Pristine is ANWR?

June 22, 2008 at 11:41 pm Leave a comment

One of the biggest discussions right now in everything is ANWR. It is supposed to be this pristine, beautiful place that environmentalists don’t want to us to disturb or drill in. I wonder how pristine it is?

I watched a segment on FOXNews, “Hannity’s America,” and a congressman was interviewed about what ANWR really looks like. They actually showed a video clip of the area, primarily where drilling is proposed, and it actually looked like a video of the moon, just flatter. It was nothing but flat, icy, plains of nothing. Why is this such an issue, if there are no pristine environments that would be disturbed? I believe that everyone, for and against, should visit this area. See what is really being disputed. How many politicians that are against drilling in ANWR really what is there?

One person that has been there, Jonah Goldberg, is quoted saying this about ANWR:

“In summer, the coastal plain is mostly mosquito-plagued tundra and bogs. (The roughnecks at Prudhoe Bay joke that “life begins at 40″ – because at 40 degrees, clouds of mosquitoes and other pests take flight from the ocean of puddles). In the winter, it reaches 70 degrees below zero (not counting wind chill, which brings it to 120 below) and is in round-the-clock darkness.”

Now this doesn’t sound like a pristine situation. It sounds like a barren plain that covers a valuable piece of earth containing oil. There is much speculation about how much there, how long it will take, etc. Even it takes 10 years, shouldn’t we start now? When Bill Clinton vetoed drilling in ANWR back in 1995, it stopped drilling and production that we would be feeling now. We must not allow the Democrats to continue screwing things up. Write you representatives and let them know how you feel. Let them know what sacrifices you have made to put gas in your vehicle. Tell them that the Prius is not an option when you have 3 kids.

Luckily, John McCain has changed his stance on this situation, since over 70% of the country is agreement that we should drill. Other Republicans should follow suit, but the Democrats in office will not let this happen and neither will Obama. Since ANWR is really not so pristine, why are we wasting time and delaying drilling?


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