Should Hillary Drop Out?

May 7, 2008 at 8:33 pm Leave a comment

After this past Tuesday, Barack Obama’s campaign believes they have it in the bag, and many Democrats are looking at Hillary to see: drop out, keep going, or what?

I was a Mike Huckabee (and still am) supporter. I knew Huckabee didn’t have a huge chance of winning, but I stuck behind him all the way. He pushed until McCain received the required amount of delegates. If you look at the delegate totals, Huckabee was a lot further behind than Clinton. By that logic, Clinton should stick in it until there is a definite winner.

As a conservative traditionalist who would rather not see either candidate elected, I think it is great for Clinton to stay in, and continue to punch tiny holes in Obama’s campaign. This degrades Obama’s position, although it may only be slightly, and gives McCain ammunition when it comes to the general election. Please, Hillary, continue to divide your party and make it easier to elect McCain.

I personally think Clinton is a better candidate to take on McCain. She has comparable experience and I think she would be able to steal a few more votes from McCain than Obama. I just don’t see Obama winning against McCain.

Everywhere you look, people are talking about the rising number of Democrats going to the polls in relation to the Republicans, but that is hard to base any argument about the general election numbers. With such a wide margin in the delegates, McCain looked to be the winner very early on, so many people saw no need to go to the polls. When it comes time to really vote, Republicans and the many traditionalists of this country will show up to vote. I don’t think there will be as comparable of force on the other side, especially since the party has become so divided.

If Hillary was smart, she would concede and hope to be the VP. It would be better for her party and any chances of a Democrat getting elected this year, but she is just too damn stubborn to pull out now.


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